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Here are some ways to help organise your home and breathe a new lease of life into it, without having to do any major alterations!

Lick of paint

From a welcoming new look for the front door, to the skirting boards, to the kitchen cabinets, a lick of paint can take something which is starting to look a bit dated and give it a refresh.


Explore Pinterest and see some of the cool home items you can create from old furniture – you could turn a bed frame into a bench for the garden or an old cot into a desk for the kids. Before you chuck it, see if it could serve another handy purpose!

Rearrange the furniture

Feeling restless with your home’s current layout? Have a shuffle around and move art and accessories into different rooms – and give your room a fresh and new feeling.

Room-by-room organisation

Do a deep clean of your home. Clean out the kitchen cupboards and put them back in a better order, re-organise your wardrobe or set up a recycling area to help you start 2017 more organised.

Change the colour scheme of a room

Whether it’s just buying a new duvet cover and cushions, or a complete overhaul, treat yourself!

Give your home a new lease of life!