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  • (including number of bedrooms, flat/house, land or commercial property whether freehold or leasehold)

Sell Your Home Faster Than You Thought Possible

With over 80 million in funds ready to go for properties around the UK, is waiting to help you get cash for your house. No more lingering on the market for months, no more counting the days until you get the funds from the sale. Contracts can be executed in as little as 7 days and the closing very shortly thereafter.

When you really need someone to “buy my house” we are there to help. First, we will provide a free valuation—this is a no obligation visit during which we assess the value of the property in question. We will then get you a verified cash offer for your home. If however, you are not happy with this pricing, we can also help you list and sell your property online.

Some people aren’t just looking for a fast home sale—and that is okay. Our experience put to work for you can result in a quicker home sale than you thought possible with a traditional real estate service. can get your house the exposure it needs so that it will sell faster.
Our highly affordable real estate services, give you an online platform and the assistance necessary to sell your house quickly. Fully certified and regulated, our streamlined process is helping homeowners across the region. So even if you decide not to go with our cash offer for your home, we would still like to aid you in the selling process.

Many with whom we’ve dealt have raved about our real estate services, amazed that they cost only a fraction of what a traditional real estate firm would charge. Though we can’t guarantee a fast sale with this particular method, we can offer our expertise, insight and online platform, as members of the Property of Ombudsman and the National Association of Property Buyers, only maintains the highest ethical standards. Our professional staff acts in accordance with the utmost honesty and respect for the client. So whether you’re looking to sell your house for cash or want to use our online resources, we would love to talk to you about your property!


We Offer Online Property Sale Services

Even if you don’t accept our cash offer, we can still work with you to get your home sold fast—we don’t guarantee as quick a sale as when you do accept a cash offer for your home, but we can help you with our dynamic online platform. Less than what real estate agents charge, our services have worked for so many in the London area.

  1. Using our cutting edge software, we can easily determine the market value of your property.
  2. Based on a tentative 3-week timeline, we will assess the value and discuss the terms.
  3. When all agreements are reached, we will send someone out to photograph and inspect the house and also if you don’t already have one, provide an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate).
  4. guarantee: if the house doesn’t sell, you don’t owe us anything.
  5. Each homeowner gets their very own Sales and Progression manager.
  6. We do everything we can to advertise your home and get it maximum exposure. This is the only way the homes sell fast!
  7. No house chains have to be involved. After we establish a sale price and the solicitors get involved, the process is easy from there on out.
  8. That’s all there is…you sign with and get your home sold for maximum value quicker than you could with an estate agency.