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How to sell a house fast in Havering

A town with 23 square miles metropolitan green belt is refreshingly fresh to live in; Havering is sure a wonderful place to stay in, with its low crime rate and the unemployment rate of 4.5%. No wonder it has the highest number of green spaces in London with parks.

With a predominantly white population and a close drive to central London, the regeneration process that is taking place in Havering using two methods of developing the suburbs first, then moving on to housing the suburbs called  ”gardening suburbs “ a wonderful initiative that cut across the borough leaving room for few private residential estates.

To sell a home in Havering, you will have to consider government’s plan of providing 3500 homes in Havering in the next ten years. With most of it going under rent and affordable housing ownership whereby the house is given back to the council once you leave and the council still holds a share in the property anytime.

As a real estate agency, we can sell and buy homes that are right for our clients.  Whatever we sell is genuinely and exclusively yours including the land, house and the property to very willing buyers and sellers very fast.

We make use of our strong contacts and team in Havering to get you the best and affordable prices you can’t get anywhere with exclusive control.

A lot is happening with social housing in Havering; our agency is the best bet to look after your interest first with every legal backing you would need when buying or selling a home in Havering.