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How to sell your home in Haringey

Haringey use to be a rural town until the urbanization that took place in London and its suburbs in the 20th century. Rail road, buses that facilitated the easy movement of workers from London to Havering and back became available.

With that in mind, the local council of Haringey went in to mass housing programs in the area trying to match the increasing number of people looking for homes, as it was reported that, 1300 of people in Haringey were homeless.

In other to nip this in the bud, it has shown that 46% of people own houses outrightly, 17.4% are rented by the council, 10.8% are in partnership with the council to rent their homes while 24% are a private landlord.

Similarly, with about 9700 dwellings and 82000 businesses in Havering, it is a no brainer why the amount of demand for houses is on the increase and why prices keep soaring.

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The broadness on the subject of homes requires the use of seasoned professionals who go a long way in finding out what type of properties are up for sale and the best price to maximize at an advantage.

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