If you need a quick home sale or cash buyer, we are the only specialists you have to contact.
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From the City of Westminster to London and the surrounding areas, we are the only property specialists you need. We are highly experienced cash home buyers with the necessary funds to transact a multitude of deals.

Let us come out, assess the property and offer you a no obligation valuation. You have absolutely nothing to lose and you do not have to commit to our cash offer for your home. We simply want to let you know your options and give you the opportunity to turn the deal around and make money quickly.
Generally, after 8-14 days of the initial appraisal, the contracts will be signed and then closing happens very shortly after that. And if you decide not to go with our cash offer, we can still help you sell your home through our state-of-the-art online platform—a fraction of what a REALTOR would charge!

We service London, Chelsea, Greenwich or Newham; our mission is to help those in need, to get them the money so urgently required. As we are regulated by the Property Ombudsman, the team is always honest, always forthcoming and always focused on customer satisfaction.

We accept all types of property in any condition. From vacant land, to estate sales, to houses badly in need of repair, we can help when you are looking for someone to buy your home fast. Simply get in touch with one of our associates today and let’s get this process started so that you can get paid!

Why choose us?

We are professional property buyers specialising in helping homeowners through quick house sales and cash payouts. specialises in fast property sales throughout London and the UK.

Real Estate Experience That Matters!

Because we have industry experience, we understand how the process works, and that is why we are striving to make it better, quicker and far more convenient for the seller. is quickly becoming synonymous with an efficiency that more traditional real estate transactions simply don’t exhibit. Experience and having the financial backing in place really does make a crucial difference!

A Legacy of Trustworthiness and Reliability

Goldgenie began with founder Laban Roomes’ vision of creating luxury gifts that were unique and like nothing anyone had ever before seen. He took this idea to the BBC show Dragon’s Den where he received substantial backing from entrepreneur, television personality and investor James Caan. People were excited, as they should be. Roomes turned this idea of creating luxury, gold-plated gifts into a veritable empire, now franchised worldwide.

People believed in Goldgenie and the company prospered. And now, Goldgenie is helping thousands across London and the UK with their home sales. was created with the intent to use their vast financial resources to help homeowners sell quickly, for immediate cash.

No Obligation Property Valuations

One of the services we provide is a no commitment property valuation. Meaning, if you are not sure of how much your property may be worth, we would be more than happy to come out and offer our professional evaluation.

Any Property – Any Condition will buy any type of home or property. Even if it has been sitting vacant, requires repairs, or has other such outstanding issues, we will assess the value and make you an offer. There are times when we all need cash quickly, and we are here to help! So if you are thinking why can’t someone just buy my house fast—well, now there is that someone.

You Get a Guaranteed Offer

We are cash buyers, plain and simple. You need the cash and we can supply the funds you need. So if you are in a position where you have property to sell and are looking to execute the deal quickly, look no further than is Fully Regulated by the Property Ombudsman

Fully regulated by the Property Ombudsman and having already established a reputation of honesty and fair dealing, clients know they can trust us to deliver when they need to sell their home quickly. The cash you need, exactly when you need it—closing within a few weeks versus a few months!

Our Process

1) First receive your no commitment home valuation
2) All contracts can potentially be signed in as little as 7-14 days
3) Once the deal is complete, you get paid!


First receive your NO commitment home valuation

All contracts can potentially
be signed in
as little as 7-14 days

Once the deal is complete,
you get paid!

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