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Are home offers free?

Yes! We have been in the business for awhile and so we can quickly determine the value of your property. With a no obligation valuation, you can decide whether or not to accept the cash offer. And if you decide not to accept, we’d still be happy to offer advice!

How long does the whole process take?

Because has access to over £80 million to purchase property, it can happen very quickly. If needed, we can do a deal within a few days, though we prefer 2-3 weeks.

Where does buy property?

We specialize in all of mainland England as well as throughout Wales.

What kind of condition can the property be in? will buy homes in virtually any condition. After discussing and looking at the home in question, we will give you a fair price.

What types of homes / properties do you purchase?

We buy everything from flats, to vacant land, to houses still with tenants in them and even empty houses.

How do you generate a price for my home?

We have cutting edge software that can easily help us determine the fair market value of your home. Generally with a cash offer you will receive approximately 80% of market value.

Are there hidden fees?

No. We tell you everything up front—our promise to you. We will cover any legal fees.

Why should I choose

Great question—it really begins with who we are. A company that is known worldwide and has become incredibly successful since its inception in 2015, we do right by all of our clients. We have established Goldgenie as a highly reputable name and we’d like to continue this tradition.

What if I am behind in my mortgage or and am going to be repossessed?

That’s the great part about what we do. We have instant cash at the ready—we can finish the transaction in just a few days if need be.

Why are you considered a 'cash buyer'?

Because we pay you cash for your house almost instantly. With the process taking as little as a couple weeks, there are no long and tedious waits for you—just cash when you need it.

What exactly does 'discount to market value' mean?

Often real estate agent will price houses quite high. This is either to entice the prospective seller or to give themselves room to negotiate down and thus procure a deal.

This is not how we operate. We will tell you right from the onset where the house should be priced and what we are willing to pay cash. You then make the decision.

How can I get an offer for my home?

Simply fill in the form or call us at 020 7164 6487

How do I know your pricing is actually fair?

There are many who advertise incredibly high prices for homes just to lure people in, and then hit you with all sorts of fees and ultimately end up paying less than what they promised. We have our name and our reputation to stand behind—we do not do business like this! The offers we make are real and based on actual market data.

We buy properties in all areas of London and throughout the UK
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